Monday, January 26, 2015


My plan is un-folding. The first stage, simply being to explore if the process of removing remjet is commercially viable. This after some phone calls to people with a vast knowledge of motion picture film, it appears to perfectly possible as a custom process. Leading to the obvious question, how much!

I have managed to find a few companies whom are selling off ECN2 processing machines of various vintages. There's a great appeal to think of owning the equipment and performing the whole process in house. But in London with space at an all time high price I doubt I would be in a position to explore this option. I've floated the idea of a Kickstarter in my head but it's too early. So i'm pushing on with using one of the few commercial cine labs left to quote on a custom setup for stripping the rem jet. My understanding at this stage is that the first bath and the jet/washer stage will be utilised then the subsequent development stages bypassed until the film reaches final rinse then into the dryer, of course all in absolute darkness!
Some serious testing will required. I also have queries about the films change in sensitivity and if there's any effect from film swelling.... all to be answered I hope.

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