Thursday, October 29, 2015

More 320D tests.....

A selection of shots from a test roll of remjet free 320D shots I think it's fair to assume the camera has a light leak and possibily a faulty exposure meter - Still love the look of some of these!  Shots kindly supplied by an early tester. Film developed and printed at Aperture, London.

I've not made up any new 320D as yet. Honestly not been keeping on top with this film/remjet free project despite having a freezer full of 35mm stock. Mostly been sorting my Drum Scanning venture....

Saturday, September 5, 2015

320D Test Shots!

It's been a while! Here's my first samples from remjet free Kodak 250D, shot at 320D. Only a handful of shots as it was a quick test before loading up more cassettes for serious shooting.

The samples rolls of this film sold out within a day! So I'm guessing people are into daylight film (I know I am). Although not great art, some of the films natural qualities can be discerned from these shots. The extreme highlights exhibit a red glow, this seems to be a feature of removing the remjet.
More 320D shots to come real soon.

Paper contact from Labyrinth and a quick drum scan of the negs with a quick invert in photoshop. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Massive Thanks!!!

Wow, thank you to everyone who's purchased some samples rolls! Really excited to see how the film responds in other peoples hands. The Kodak Vision3 250D that I made up sold out really fast - I'm going to assume people are curious about daylight V3 stock.

Also had lots of interesting forum commentary. The usual dissuasiveness about creating a niche product  and the fact that it replicates an existing product (cinestill). But I think people like to experiment and explore - frankly anything that keeps film being used is a good thing in my eyes. Also loads of positive feedback about colour and potential (especially for the European market). I'm still gunning for £5 retail price (need to learn a lot more about retail!!)
There's also the brooding idea that there are millions of feet of decent un-shot movie stock., which lead me to this.....

Hoping to get some of this remjet free and spooled up Reala soon! 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Roll Up, Roll Up - SAMPLES!!!

At last Samples for the world. There's only so much I can shoot and test myself!
This bunch of film, approx 150 rolls of 36exp will define if this project is worth pursuing! 
As an added bonus I had some Kodak V3 250D made up (I'm mostly shoot daylight) but there's only 30 rolls available and most of those are at Labyrinth photographic in East London - A few are also available through my online shop here:

There's about 120 Rolls of 640T / Vision3 (i've rated at 640iso as my testing has shown this to delver a great neg for scanning but i've not made any optical prints!)

*** Caveat Emptor ***
This is an experiment. This is the first run of a mostly undocumented test to remove Remjet. Whilst my own tests have shown the film to be perfectly usable, absolutely no liability will be accepted by me. This stock is identical to Cinestill, USA and every care has been taken to create an awesome cheaper UK based alternative.  

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Scans Redux - Remjet Free Vision3 500T

Scanned as positives and inverted in photoshop with very basic colour correction using curves. Not the most sensational content but a good starting point for exploring this films capabilities. It feels smooth with solid colour. Of course the inversion/scanning process is far enough removed from darkroom printing that I cannot possibly speculate on how this film will print in the darkroom. 
All the colours in these scans are result of choice, below is a scan as a pure inversion without any adjustments. 

Contact Scan

At last, got a few scans made up of my first remjet free test roll!
Top on is a scan of the supplied c-type contact print the lower image a selection of the negatives scanned as a contact on the drum scanner.

C-Type Contact. Note the extreme colours and contrast. The daylight shots are understandably blue (I did not use any filtration to adjust for the tungsten balance of the film). The interior shots are mostly off too. In fact the most intriguing shots to me are the table lamp (mixed light, tungsten and afternoon light) and the portrait in late afternoon sun. I'll try and scan these up asap. 

Digital Contact (PrimeScan 1200dpi + manual inversion). The digital contact shows far more detail and less inherent contrast. I've just applied a global correction, neither biased for the daylight shots or mixed light shots. I've kept the black level up too, so it's a bit less contrasty. This film is rather nice, it's got tons of detail. I'm undecided on the colour.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My first shots.....

At last!
One sample roll, rated at iso640. I've only got these dodgy iPhone shots of the contact and neg. I'm not near my scanners until later this week but I look forward to putting the negs through there paces under the Primescan and trying my new inversion technique for colour negatives.
Super thanks to Labrynth London for speedy development and contact.  More samples rolls to come within a week or two.......

Patient X - The first roll of CineVision