Friday, June 12, 2015

Roll Up, Roll Up - SAMPLES!!!

At last Samples for the world. There's only so much I can shoot and test myself!
This bunch of film, approx 150 rolls of 36exp will define if this project is worth pursuing! 
As an added bonus I had some Kodak V3 250D made up (I'm mostly shoot daylight) but there's only 30 rolls available and most of those are at Labyrinth photographic in East London - A few are also available through my online shop here:

There's about 120 Rolls of 640T / Vision3 (i've rated at 640iso as my testing has shown this to delver a great neg for scanning but i've not made any optical prints!)

*** Caveat Emptor ***
This is an experiment. This is the first run of a mostly undocumented test to remove Remjet. Whilst my own tests have shown the film to be perfectly usable, absolutely no liability will be accepted by me. This stock is identical to Cinestill, USA and every care has been taken to create an awesome cheaper UK based alternative.  

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