Saturday, June 6, 2015

Contact Scan

At last, got a few scans made up of my first remjet free test roll!
Top on is a scan of the supplied c-type contact print the lower image a selection of the negatives scanned as a contact on the drum scanner.

C-Type Contact. Note the extreme colours and contrast. The daylight shots are understandably blue (I did not use any filtration to adjust for the tungsten balance of the film). The interior shots are mostly off too. In fact the most intriguing shots to me are the table lamp (mixed light, tungsten and afternoon light) and the portrait in late afternoon sun. I'll try and scan these up asap. 

Digital Contact (PrimeScan 1200dpi + manual inversion). The digital contact shows far more detail and less inherent contrast. I've just applied a global correction, neither biased for the daylight shots or mixed light shots. I've kept the black level up too, so it's a bit less contrasty. This film is rather nice, it's got tons of detail. I'm undecided on the colour.

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