Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Massive Thanks!!!

Wow, thank you to everyone who's purchased some samples rolls! Really excited to see how the film responds in other peoples hands. The Kodak Vision3 250D that I made up sold out really fast - I'm going to assume people are curious about daylight V3 stock.

Also had lots of interesting forum commentary. The usual dissuasiveness about creating a niche product  and the fact that it replicates an existing product (cinestill). But I think people like to experiment and explore - frankly anything that keeps film being used is a good thing in my eyes. Also loads of positive feedback about colour and potential (especially for the European market). I'm still gunning for £5 retail price (need to learn a lot more about retail!!)
There's also the brooding idea that there are millions of feet of decent un-shot movie stock., which lead me to this.....

Hoping to get some of this remjet free and spooled up Reala soon! 

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