Saturday, March 28, 2015

Not forgotten!

It's been a while! I've been busy making the money (or at least trying too) for a sample run of film.
I've got my base stock, 500T and i've settled on a lab and a price per foot for testing*. Simple..... Nearly except as ever I have a few other projects on the go. These have been eating into my money.

I had floated the idea of starting a Kickstarter. This in theory would be a great barometer of interest and would settle any concerns about the project financial viability. I read a great many posts and articles about successful campaigns. One leading thing the really sucsessful Kickstarters always returned to was there awesome social media usage. I'm not big on social media. This blog and my website are as social as I get out here in the digital ether. Also required was 100% attention to the task of promotion. I quite simply cannot guarantee that at this point. So i've settled on absorbing the cost of a sample run and hoping that distributing rolls among friends and interested parties will generate enough interest to gauge if this idea is worth taking to Kickstater or working out some kind of finance. Also these approch will create a base of images, not just my own work. So when I'm ready to blast the web, I have content.
And even the worst case scenario is pretty good. I end up with a few hundred rolls of colour film!

* Yes, i glossed over that detail. After many calls and some wise words from people far more informed than I am a price was arrived at per foot for the cost of Remjet removal. I had originally hoped this would be nearer the top end of the cost of developing film. Which I believe to be around 12-15pence per foot. Unfortunately the process is a bit more involved than I anticipated. A such the cost is a little higher than I feel would be idea but I sense if a small run is successful then there would be good grounds for bringing down the cost through volume.

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