Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Yes, thats right! I have very limited samples of Vision3 500T with the remjet removed!

This is just the first very small batch produced in collaboration with a leading photochemical lab. The remjet has been removed using the actual ECN2 process and then development stages by-passed and film dried (plus a few other secret steps!). A sample from this batch has then been processed (with ECN2) and reviewed - result: perfect clear film, no gunk or debris, no accidental exposure!!! The film is good to go for testing in the wide world.
To keep cost down I'm hand rolling the film into re-used canisters, total up-cycling! All my testing will be performed with C41 process.

Vision3 500T - Coming to camera near you, soon!

Want some? You can purchase a few test rolls here via my online shop very soon!! I just want to run a few more rolls through and possibly make up some 250D stock as I'm more of a daylight shooter.

I'll be posting scans of my first few rolls asap!!

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